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Who Uses Alpha WolF


From corporate boardroom to creative design agency, Alpha Wolf works where you do. Young professionals need to work hard to impress. This means staying mentally sharp during long meetings or late nights at the office. Alpha Wolf can support your career by providing what you need to keep your mind and body at peak performance to deliver your best work.

Young professional.


Traditional sports beverage often contain far more sugar and  calories than your body needs. Drinking Alpha Wolf before you workout is a great way to enhance your mental focus, increase blood flow and get your muscles firing on all cylinders. Alpha Wolf is also a perfect addition after a workout to help supply and shuttle much needed nutrients to your muscles and to protect your cells with the amazing antioxidant power of MegaNatural BP® grape seed extract Plus, Alpha Wolf contains only thirty-five calories, ensuring that it integrates perfectly into your diet and exercise routine.


Students work hard both in and outside of the classroom to achieve their goals. Alpha Wolf, the Focus and Revitalizing Beverage, can help give you that much needed boost. The nutrients found in Alpha Wolf support mental acuity (concentration, focus, recall, and memory), meaning that you can study smarter instead of pulling another all-nighter. Pack an Alpha Wolf in your bag for a little pick-me-up, and to stay sharp in class, the library or when you are going out with your friends.

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