Only 5 Calories
Alpha Wolf
Alpha Wolf
Drink, Focus, Conquer, Repeat

When it’s time to set yourself apart from the pack, make ALPHA WOLF™ your recovery drink of choice. Only ALPHA WOLF provides a natural blend of liquid vitamins, amino acids and brain-boosting antioxidants to harness your mental energy and enhance your focus.


ALPHA WOLF is the only product in its class. No other mental focus supplements taste so good or work so well. Whether you’re studying for an exam, putting in long hours at your job or trying to beat your personal record, ALPHA WOLF is ready for you.

ALPHA WOLF contains a proprietary blend of nutrients that directly support brain health. It’s not just for energy — ALPHA WOLF is a holistic brain supplement: It contains ingredients that play a role in the production of key neurotransmitters, improving focus and memory.

The ALPHA WOLF Advantage

ALPHA WOLF is unlike any other liquid supplement on the market. Our nutrition scientists worked carefully to craft a nutritious and flavor-packed product that contains all of the nutrients your brain depends on. As a focus supplement, ALPHA WOLF prepares you for any challenge you need to face. Each ALPHA WOLF beverage includes:

  • Natural caffeine. ALPHA WOLF uses a natural source of caffeine (coffee bean) to increase alertness and improve mental focus.
  • Vitamins. Most Americans do not get enough of the vitamins they need for optimal brain health. ALPHA WOLF is packed with vitamins and minerals that directly support your brain activity, including 1,000% of your recommended daily intake of vitamin B12.
  • Antioxidants. Antioxidants sweep dangerous free radicals away from the cells of your brain and body, preventing the death of critical neurons. ALPHA WOLF offers the same profile of antioxidants associated with the anti-aging effects of red wine and dark chocolate.
  • Amino acids. ALPHA WOLF contains a proprietary blend of amino acids. These amino acids provide the building blocks needed to create neurotransmitters that are associated with memory, alertness and positive mood.
  • Only five calories! Only ALPHA WOLF delivers the liquid vitamins and minerals your brain craves for just five calories.

Plus, ALPHA WOLF comes in four exciting flavors: Lemon, Goji-Pomegranate-Mango, Passionfruit Pineapple and Fruit Punch. Each variety is bursting with fresh, fruity flavor and natural ingredients.

Grab your ALPHA WOLF and get ready to DRINK, FOCUS, SUCCEED, REPEAT.